LTA to host annual Out of the Darkness walk

Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention have teamed up for the annual Out of the Darkness Community Walk from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Nov.12. Registration is free, open to the public and can be done online at or in person at 8 a.m. the date of the event.

The first Out of the Darkness Walk took place in 2009 because an LTA sister was passionate about spreading the word about suicide on campus.

“Since it’s a topic not a lot of people talk about, since it’s known as something taboo, we really wanted to get [the message] out there,” said Roma Robinson, treasurer of the Gamma Delta Chapter of LTA at NSU. “This event stemmed from personal experiences as well. It’s become a safe place for people to walk for family, friends or even for yourself.”.

Once the walk is completed, the activity portion of the event will commence. Members and organizations from the NSU community, like the Rip Tides and Open Expressions, will perform. Numerous organizations and other resources will be tabling, offering “freebies” and providing valuable information about suicide prevention.

“It’s an emotional time, but it’s an opportunity to raise awareness [about suicide], have fun and bring an educational aspect [to the community],” said Robinson.

Beaded necklaces will be handed out to participants at this event. Each colored necklace corresponds to a different meaning involving suicide.

“One bead [color] might represent losing someone to suicide, while another could mean you know of a veteran who committed suicide,” said Robinson. There will also be a release of butterflies to signify the lives of those that have been lost to suicide.

Last year, LTA surpassed its goal of raising $55,000 and raised over $60,000 dollars with about 2,000 total walkers. They are aiming to raise another $60,000 this year. Students looking to get involved or looking for more information can contact Roma Robinson at

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