Making the most out of your winter break

We’ve made it to that time of the year again where it is acceptable to lounge on the couch for hours, re-watch television shows and seek out new levels of your online games. Yet, winter break is an ideal time to get up and indulge in activities or get a head start on future planning.

During the holiday season, we must be thankful for the time that we are guaranteed. The amount of time we get during winter break is a blessing for students, and we should be wise with how we use it. While watching a new episode of “Riverdale” is definitely important, consider using the opportunity to fulfill some of your goals, too. If you’re interested in getting more out of your break, read on.

Start doing some life planning

Although this sounds slightly frightening, taking some time out of your day to plan for your future will result in less stress later on. Search for an internship, look for a summer job or get a headstart on your upcoming semester. All of these things can help you get ahead.

Work on your resume

You may have been told growing up that you should never go to a friend’s house emptyhanded. This lesson applies in the real world in the case of interviews. Never go to an interview without a sample of your work, your portfolio, resume or a great supplementary document that relates to you and your academic career experience.

Volunteering, joining a club or even starting a club can help you build your resume in a non-academic way. Plus, getting involved helps improve not only your knowledge and experience, but also your social life.

Bianca Galan, a communication major, said she stays productive during winter break by, “volunteering and doing different nationwide services, such as working for an international charity organization.”

Keep up with current events

Even though you may not necessarily have a bucket list for winter break like you might for summer, there are many ways to spend the upcoming four weeks in a productive and memorable way. Many people don’t even know what day of the month it is when they are on vacation, and being out of touch with the world and what’s going on is not something you should strive for. Reading the newspaper every morning and keeping up with news outlets like can keep you informed during your break.

So, when you are buying that popcorn and stepping into the movie theater during winter break, just remember that you could be drafting a plan of action for your future instead. Which is more important, the movie or your future? Being on break provides students with ample time to become more well-rounded individuals. Spend your winter break wisely and make personal improvements like looking for different scholarship opportunities your campus has to offer or by learning a new skill.

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