Editor’s Note

On Oct. 24, The Current ran a story about the tamper-proof pill technology that Dr. Hossein Omidian, who has a doctorate in polymer science, and his research team have developed. In the article, we spoke to Dr. Scott Kjelson, who has a doctorate in pharmacy, about the opioid epidemic and the work that he does a public health advocate.

Unbeknownst to our staff, a part of Dr. Kjelson’s interview that he believed was off-the-record was included in the article and misrepresentative. After an investigation, The Current would like to clarify that Dr. Kjelson had expressed that he felt the tamper-proof technology was beneficial in the fight against opioid addiction and that it might be beneficial for the FDA to mandate its use in the future. He was speaking in his own opinion and did not, in any way, mean to insinuate that the FDA was not smart.

The article has since been modified on our website to exclude this misinformation.

The Current is dedicated to providing you the most accurate information about NSU and its community, therefore, we find it paramount to correct ourselves whenever a mistake is made. Our deepest apologies go out to Dr. Kjelson, Dr. Omidian and their colleagues. We appreciate the work that you put forth for the university and the millions of Americans who are impacted by the opioid epidemic.


Jenna, Michaela and The Current staff

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