Shark Speak: What do you expect to see from NSU in the new year?


kristin addisonKristin Addison, freshman environmental science major:


“I’m super excited for the bookstore to be on campus. I’m really tired of driving to the University Park Plaza, so, I’m really excited for the bookstore to be right here next to us.”



Justine Swaress, freshman biology major:justine swaress


“Honestly, I like NSU the way it is and I don’t really expect a change next year because I don’t see that there should be a change with anything.”




alina asifAlina Asif, sophomore psychology major:


“I am impressed with the increase in on-campus food options and quality, especially regarding the new halal and kosher dishes being offered at Flight Deck. I would love to see a continued effort to make NSU a more inclusive and diverse campus.”




Jeremiah Soliman, freshman behavioral neuroscience major:jeremiah soloman


“With NSU expanding its campus and building a hospital, it’s going to have great things ahead. I would like for it to be a college that’s better known among a lot of people.”




marian bekheitMarian Bekheit, sophomore biology major:


“As researchers at NSU are developing tamper-proof drugs to deter the opioid epidemic, I would like to see the university taking part in more breakthrough discoveries.”




Iman Zahid, sophomore biology major:iman zahid


“I would like to see the multicultural organizations at NSU collaborate more frequently so we can experience and appreciate other cultures as well as our own.”

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