You get a gift, you get a gift, everybody gets a gift

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. While the holidays are pretty jolly, there’s still the struggle of finding the perfect gift for everyone while on a college budget. If you’re looking to shower your loved ones with gifts that won’t break the bank, check out some of these college-budget-friendly gift set ideas.

“Just add milk” hot cocoa set

For this DIY gift, you’ll need a cute mug, a party favor bag, hot chocolate powder, hot chocolate toppings, a label, and string. Start by scooping your hot chocolate powder into the party favor bag, then layer your toppings. Your toppings could be anything from peppermint to dark chocolate pieces to mini marshmallows. Once you have that complete, tie up the bag with string so that it does not spill out. Next, add a label that says “just add milk” or “instant hot cocoa night” or anything else that you would like to add on the note. Get creative with this and use festive holiday colors and doodles as well. Finally, place your completed hot cocoa mix with the label into your desired mug. It’s the perfect gift for any hot cocoa lover or mug collector.

Throwback kit

Maybe you are shopping for your friend who loves a good throwback, or maybe you want to buy something a little kid would love. If this is the case, consider making a throwback kit, complete with sugary favorites. For this DIY, you’ll need packs of Fruit Roll-Ups and Gushers, a few rolls of Hubba Bubba bubble gum, some Razzles, a pack of Nik-L-Nip mini drinks, several packets of pop rocks, a couple of Ring Pops and some bottled sodas. Grab a gift basket and a big bow, toss your items in and tie a “throwback” sign to the handles to complete this DIY gift.

Fur baby lover

The holidays are all about giving, so don’t forget to give your fur babies gifts as well. Create an easy pet lover basket for your animal or a friend’s with a few simple items. First, grab a gift basket of your choice – stockings work well also – and personalize it with the pet’s name on a sticker or tag. Next, grab some of their favorite treats, like chewing bones or cat treats depending on the animal, and throw them in the basket. Add in a soft pet blanket or holiday sweater and a few toys to finish off the gift.

Spa night

Know someone who could use a relaxing night? If so, consider making them a spa night gift basket. Once you have your basket picked out, get creative with labels and gift tags. Then, you’ll want to fill the basket with items like lavender candles, scented bubble bath mixtures and calming herbal teas. You can also include a loofah and a body lotion in a stress relieving scent. Why not let your loved ones treat themselves to an at-home spa night?

Workout pack

Know someone who loves to work out? This may be the perfect gift for them. Grab a bin or basket and personalize it with their name and anything else you may want to include, then wrap it with string or stick a bow on it to add some festive flair. Next, grab some of their favorite protein powders or pre-workout supplements and a blender bottle for the bin. Consider adding in some healthy snack options as well, like protein cookies or snack bars. Throw in a fitness armband or a resistance band and your gift is complete.

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