Seriously Kidding: NSU to cancel final exams because of effects caused by Hurricane Irma

In an email sent to faculty and students on Nov. 17, NSU informed the community that they were cancelling each final exam for every course this fall semester on all campuses. The decision was made after a meeting with President Hanbury which occurred on Nov. 15.

“These types of storms are very unusual in Florida,” Hanbury stated. “We weren’t able to predict that this hurricane was going to hit us this way.”

Administration has determined that Hurricane Irma set every class behind, and that catching up before the finals week would be incomprehensible, according to Vice President Jordon Hamencon.

“The faculty members are feeling as much stress as students do on a daily basis,” said Hamencon. “We can’t let them go through that.”

The meeting started with Hanbury who began describing all of the damages Hurricane Irma caused to its campuses. With the aid of a Powerpoint presentation, he showed graphs which measured the high stress levels of students and faculty members. It was then decided that final exams would be canceled. Additionally, faculty members will be offered personalized yoga classes through the end of the semester to deal with the overwhelming stress.

Many faculty and staff members have already shown their support regarding this decision.

Loretta Donalds, professor in the School of Chemistry said, “Christmas came early for us. I won’t have to worry about finals and I can just leave and enjoy my well-deserved vacation.”

“This decision took us by surprise, but a nice surprise,” said Alberto May, professor of psychology. “Many of my students were very happy to hear this news. Some of them starting crying,” he added.

However, students like Brian DeMarco, sophomore communication major, voiced his discontentment with the decision.

“It’s so unfair for many of us, I was supposed to do well on the final in order to pass biology and now that I won’t have a chance to bring my term grade up, I guess I’ll have to take biology next semester as well … Thanks Irma!” said DeMarco.

Finals week will be early vacation for all. Hamencon suggested that students and faculty enjoy their vacations a week early to make the best of the situation.

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