Seriously Kidding: Thousands shocked that 2018 isn’t ‘automatically’ better than 2017

“I swear it’s like this exact thing happened last year, too,” said Sally Stuckinarutt, sophomore biology major.

Stuckinarutt was one of thousands of individuals across the world who took to Twitter on Jan. 1 in utter disbelief that the year 2018 had many of the same problems as the year before.

“New Year’s is supposed to be about fresh starts and new beginnings, right? But, bro, I swear I feel like everything is the same,” said Hans-Zed Toomy, senior English major.

Toomy said that despite the constant conversation on social media about how things were “going to be different,” he hasn’t seen any real changes.

“I just thought it would be like BOOM! Fixed. But like everyone is still not recycling, nobody talks to each other and I’m still packing on the holiday weight,” he said, shaking his head.

Unfortunately for Toomy and Stuckinarutt, scientists say that this lack of change is not abnormal. Reynelle Reely, associate director of the department of systemic change, explained that if students — or anybody, for that matter — want to see any change in 2018, they’re going to have to put in some kind of effort.

“For every action there’s a reaction; that’s how change happens,” said Reely.

Though Stuckinarutt is making plans to execute her resolution of getting more Instagram likes, she did have one comment about how unfair the situation was:

“I just feel like it should automatically happen. 2016 and 2017 were both rough; we really deserve this one.”   

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