Out of the Shark Zone, Jan. 16, 2018

Tonya Harding admits to prior knowledge of attack on Nancy Kerrigan

Tonya Harding, former Olympic figure skater known for her association with an attack on Nancy Kerrigan at the 1994 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, recently admitted in a special on ABC that she had prior knowledge of the attack. According to USA Today, Harding said in “Truth and Lies: The Tonya Harding Story,” that she figured out her ex-husband and his friend had likely orchestrated the attack on Kerrigan shortly after Harding won the U.S. figure skating title. Harding reportedly overheard the men talking about “taking somebody out” in order for Harding to make it to the 1994 U.S. Olympic team. In the special that aired on Jan. 11, Harding maintained that she had no role in the attack. “I, Tonya,” a film based on Harding’s figure skating career and rivalry with Kerrigan, is currently showing in theaters.

MLB free agents seem to outnumber available jobs in the league

According to USA Today, as of Jan. 10, MLB free agents may want to sign as quickly as possible, as there are roughly 130 available players and only 77 easily identifiable job openings. While it’s possible the market will change if teams decide to splurge where an obvious need does not exist, it’s more likely that the spots will be filled by trade, minor league promotion, or signing multiple players to non-guaranteed deals.

Spurs coach revealed LaMarcus Aldridge requested a trade

According to USA Today, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich revealed on Jan. 11 that power forward Aldridge asked to be traded following a career low in scoring last postseason. Aldridge reportedly told Popovich, “I’m not enjoying this. I’m not confident. I’m not sure you want me here. I want to be traded.” Alhough the Spurs spoke with several teams hoping to land a high first-round pick, nothing came of it. According to Popovich, they instead had a candid conversation in which Popovich said, “I’m your best buddy, and you are here for another year … because for you, talent-wise, we are not going to get what we want.” Upon retrospection, Popovich accepted blame for Aldridge’s struggles.

Danica Patrick will not drive in Daytona 500 or Indianapolis 500 for CGR

President of Chip Ganassi Racing Steve Lauletta told Sirius XM NASCAR Radio that while CGR was talking with Patrick, she will no longer be racing for them in either race, according to USA Today. Patrick told USA Today in November that teaming up with CGR for the races “was possible.” Ganassi said at the time “I think it’s a fabulous idea, a fabulous marketing idea,” but continued that, “I’m a long way from saying I can do it… There are a lot of moving parts.” On Jan. 11 Lauletta said, “Ultimately we couldn’t come to a solution that worked for both of us,” though he hopes she will find another way to enter the Indianapolis 500. Patrick had hoped to end her racing career by running in both races, calling it the “Danica Double.”

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