Shark Speak: What kind of concerns would you bring up at President Hanbury’s Town Hall Meeting?

Nyorh AgweNyorh Agwe, graduate business student

“Why are they increasing the prices to the prerequisite classes of graduate students?”





Kyle HansotiaKyle Hansotia, freshman biology major

“The clinic should be easier to access and be more available to students. I went when I was really sick and they told me I had to come back later. Plus, there is no way to really get there. It’s not in walking distance; you need to drive. That might not be a possibility for some students.”



mia andahazyMia Andahazy, freshman marine biology major

“The campus is very unsustainable and not environmentally friendly. For a school that has a strong basis in the sciences, I feel like that’s not represented. All of our plates are styrofoam which is terrible for the environment, the utensils are single-use plastic, and at every event they give out disposable bottles.”



Lily RoseLily Rose, graduate international business student

“The evaluation process for prerequisite courses should be more transparent. I heard the [prices for] are going up fo prerequisite courses for next semester and I don’t want other students to go through the same struggle I did, especially because funds could be limited.”



kelsey rbuceKelsey Bruce, freshman communication sciences and disorders major

“What is the purpose of adding the ExEL [Experiential Education and Learning] program into our curriculum? Also, NSU is obviously trying to expand and add more students every year but have they taken into account the repercussions like class sizes and accessibility of parking?”

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