Club Spotlight: Undergraduate Economics and Finance Association

With the introduction of their innovative faculty lecture series, consistency and devotion to educating the NSU community on all aspects of business, the Undergraduate Economics and Finance Association (UEFA) was named the Registered Student Organization (RSO) for both November and December.

The organization prides itself on its commitment to assisting all students in strengthening their professional and financial literacy skills. NSU UEFA President Sadia Khan believes that much of the club’s success comes from the understanding that UEFA is all about catering to the needs of each student, regardless of their degree of study.

“Membership is definitely not exclusive to just finance majors, or even business students for that matter; anyone can join,” said Khan. “A large portion of our members are actually biology majors, including our treasurer, Afrin.”

In fact, Khan added that the organization is so student-centered that they encourage their members to pitch ideas for events on the basis of their needs.

“We are more than open to adding on more events based on what members want, whether it’s networking events or resume building or anything in between,” said Khan.

Khan insists that it was with the same determination to meet the needs of every student that the faculty lecture series was created. For these sessions, NSU faculty members are invited to meet with the student body for lunch to discuss the area of business which they specialize in.

“It’s a great way to engage with your peers and professors outside of ordinary class lectures,” said Khan. “We have a few of these coming up in the semester, so that’s definitely something to look forward to.”

In addition to the faculty lecture series, the members of UEFA host alternative events at least once a month. This semester, UEFA hopes to co-host future events with other student organizations to promote collaboration and community involvement.

To learn more about UEFA’s events, meetings and faculty lecture series, visit the organization’s page on Orgsync or contact Sadia Khan at to be added to the UEFA mailing list.

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