NSU Sharks athletic department goes through an administrative reorganization

In an announcement made on Nov. 20 by NSU’s Director of Athletics, Michael Mominey, he discussed the reorganization of the Sharks athletic department, which included promotions for five employees. Mominey said that the decision was made after looking through the department’s organization and focusing on what could benefit student athletes the most.

“The driving force behind the reorganization was growth. We continue to grow as an athletic department and that also involves personnel…” Mominey stated, adding, “it was a product of growth and change, personnel change and growth in the department.”

Changes are still being made internally, with the goal of helping student athletes in and outside the field improve their performance in their respective sports, as well as improve their GPAs, with the help of a full-time student athlete advisor. The department also created new positions, including a full-time business manager and a full-time assistant athletic director for compliance and rules education. This person oversees the athletic department’s compliance with NCAA rules.

“You always want to be forward thinking because you don’t want to get stale,” Mominey added, showing his support for the reorganization of the department.

Mominey thinks that the change gives students the chance to improve in both their academic and their athletic endeavors, while employees get the opportunity to move up in the department, which provides more responsibility as well as new faces.

Angie Jabir is one of those new faces, and was hired as the department’s new Associate Athletic Director. She comes from the University of Dayton.

So far, students and staff have received the reorganization with acceptance, and Mominey feels that they can see the benefits this change has brought to them now and moving forward. Mominey said the key to measuring the success of this program is “finding the right people for those positions.”

“It’s really exciting to see the university growing, especially at the undergraduate level because it’s the one that most affects us,” said Mominey. “There are more students at the games … especially for soccer.”

New programs are being discussed for the athletics department in the next three to five years, with facilities being renovated or built. NSU Athletics has a lot in store for the upcoming years, though Mominey said those plans are confidential, as NSU carries out more plans to increase its student body and school spirit.

“I hope those students and faculty out there that are reading this come out and support your athletic program. Come and support your Sharks,” Mominey said.  

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