Shark Speak, If you were to create a club, what would it be and why?

Brittany LuongBrittany Luong, freshman biology major

“I would probably create a [chapter] of the National Beta Club,  which is like a community service and leadership type of organization. I was in it in high school and I think they have one for alumni.”




Sulaiman PaikaSulaiman Paika, freshman biology major

“Me and my friend were talking about creating a hip-hop appreciation club or think tank, like an emotional consultant club so we would go around just helping people because we are good at it.”




Dwayne GibsonDwayne Gibson, junior biology major

“Maybe we could do one where it’s a sport watching club so people come in whenever there is a big event or a big sporting game going on they could come together and watch it.”




Cheriline FertilCheriline Fertil, sophomore business administration

“I would create a Haitian association because I’m Haitian and I would create it so that all of the Haitian kids could come together and we can have events and have fun and look more into Haitian culture.”



Sunaina AddankiSunaina Addanki, freshman chemistry major

“It would probably be a volunteering club just because I know that there is a lot of medical clubs at [NSU] but they are focused on one or two things. It’s typically either about [service] trips or some other opportunity which is basically the [purpose of] entire club but if we had a chance, I’d like to make a club that had multiple different volunteering opportunities that would be presented to the students every week.”

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