Five reasons why Valentine’s Day should be skipped in favor of year-round gestures

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away, and if you have a valentine you’re probably hectically trying to plan an overly romantic perfect day. You’re likely spending lots of money on presents that your significant other may not use every day, or wondering if your significant other will appreciate your day’s worth of effort enough to make a sappy post on social media.

Over the years, Valentine’s Day has become a symbol of  “social status.” For some weird reason, we allow this one day to characterize how strong and healthy our relationships really are. In my opinion, a single affection-filled day on this beloved earth can determine how much someone really loves you. In fact, here are five reasons why Valentine’s Day should skipped and love be celebrated year-round.

More is more

You and your significant other don’t need a national holiday to show your true affection for one another. Sharing your affection year-round is better because it’s fun and important to surprise the person you truly care for every once in a while. Quality time spent with one another over a prolonged period of time is much more meaningful than an over-the-top extravaganza done at one time.

Spend time, not money

Valentine’s Day is just another regular day that’s been upgraded for no apparent reason. You don’t have to spend money on presents like overpriced roses, candy hearts and ridiculously-oversized teddy bears that are usually $20 but all of a sudden become $50 a week before Valentine’s Day. The strength of relationships shouldn’t be based on how much money you spend. Spend more time with one another, not more money on one another.

Avoid the crowds

How about that traffic? Avoid all the heavy traffic areas and overly-crowded restaurants. Celebrating Valentine’s Day means there will be a lot of people out and about at the same exact time. There’s nothing less romantic than being surrounded by so many people that you can’t even hear your significant other during a conversation.

Don’t cover up the real issues

Sometimes couples use Valentine’s Day as a way to cover up certain issues in their relationships. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be used as a day for making up for the mistakes that have been made for the past year. Forced romance doesn’t work, and gift buying shouldn’t be a way to fix or improve disconnected relationships.

Take the time to love yourself

Everything about Valentine’s Day makes it seem that in order to be successful and happy, you have to have another person to love and accept you. It’s important that people in relationships find the time for themselves and methodize self-love.

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