How Portfolium can boost your career and spark connections

Portfolium is a “digital portfolio” that provides students with the opportunity to build their next-generation resume in a more interactive way. The platform allows for a variety of customizations that help showcase individual talents and abilities, rather than just presenting them as bullet points on a generic resume.

“It’s a great way to market yourself whether you’re looking for an internship, or applying to graduate schools or full-time positions,” said Maggie Morrissey, an experiential learning career advisor at NSU.

Portfolium is a service provided by NSU’s Office of Career Development to help students improve their self-marketing and assist in their quest to succeed in their field. These tips and recommendations from Morrissey can help you streamline your unique portfolium experience.

How to use Portfolium

  1. Login using the link that was sent to you via your student email to create an account. If you’ve lost the link, reach out to a career advisor for assistance.
  2. Populate your profile with traits and skills. Portfolium offers you a variety of ways to not only list these qualities, but to prove to future employers that you have proficiency in these areas.
  3. Do a quick search for peers or mentors to boost your network and job opportunity results.
  4. When your account is up and running, follow the steps on the sidebar to improve your experience. Consider adding projects you’ve worked on, affiliations, your resume and even a simple profile picture.


Features and opportunities

  1. Upload images, video clips or links to projects or internships that you’ve completed. This way, potential employers and business partners can see your diverse range of experiences, rather than just reading them off of a resume.
  2. View NSU classmates that have already registered for Portfolium. There is a widget under your profile called “classmates you may know” which gives you a list of peers within your major to connect with.
  3. Use your personalized Portfolium link to send your ePortfolio to friends, family, employers or anyone else who you’d like to share your portfolio with.
  4. Continue personalizing your account. You’ll really want to showcase your talents and abilities to potential employers.
  5. Reach out to the Office of Career Development for more help if you’d like individualized advice on how to make Portfolium work best for you. Find a Career Development office on the first floor of the DeSantis or Horvitz buildings, or contact them by calling 954-262-7201.

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