Senior art students to display compiled works

NSU’s two senior art majors, communication studies and visual art double major Michaela Greer, and graphic design major Carli Lutz, will present their works in the Performance Theater Lobby of the Don Taft University Center beginning on Feb. 20. The seniors will exhibit a compilation of artworks created throughout their undergraduate careers. For the two students, it will be the first time their sole pieces have been collectively on display.

“It’s all at once amazing and terrifying, because I’m anxious to know what people who view it will think about it,” said Greer. “I have a lot of pieces in the show that I have not created while in a typical class setting … and previously, all of my artwork that has been viewed has only been critiqued in a class setting.”

Lutz expressed a similar sentiment. “Everyone seeing what I’ve made is a weird feeling, but it’s kind of nice. I’ve worked really hard over the past few years on it, I’m glad that I can finally let everyone see it out in public.”

While the two artists have been in the visual arts for a while, their styles of arts, mediums and thematic focuses vary widely.

“My situation was a little different because I came in as a studio art person, but I wasn’t able to take a lot of the traditional studio art classes — I have not even taken a painting class, which is unfortunate but it’s something that I enjoy doing,” Greer said.

Instead, she has focused on what she has been introduced to in other ways, like wood-burning,, photography, drawing and a little graphic work. Greer’s work focuses on a variety of themes, based what she is experiencing at the time of the creation of a piece, from racial injustices to daily frustrations.

Lutz, on the other hand, mainly works with graphic design, but some illustration and a little bit of painting will be featured in her section of the exhibit.

“My art is usually pretty weird — it’s usually around one person as my subject matter,” said Lutz.

She also explained that a lot of her art is reflective of her experiences and emotions.

Their show, titled “Juxtaposition,” has been promoted around the university with a poster designed by Lutz, and features one of Greer’s paintings in the background. There will an opening reception on Feb. 20 from 5-7 p.m in the Performance Theater Lobby of the Don Taft University Center. Admission is free and refreshments will be provided. The two artists will be present to speak with attendees.

For more information, call 954-262-7632, or visit for a complete list of events.

It should be noted that both Michaela Greer and Carli Lutz Carli work for The Current as co-editor-in-chief and chief of visual design, respectively.

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