Making the most of your on-campus spring break

Spring break is the last little bit of time off students have before the academic year ends. It is one of the few chances for students to truly get a break from the college grind. However, since a week goes by quickly, some students might not want to leave campus. At the same time, they might not want to head back to class feeling they’ve wasted their free time. So how can those of us staying on campus enjoy our break, and what things can we do?

Here are several ideas to make your spring break on campus productive, peaceful and surprisingly fun.

Read a book from your to-be-read list

Not your textbook. Not the assigned reading for class. An actual book that hooks you in and keeps you mesmerized until the end — a book that you can enjoy from start to finish without having pressure to take notes or to memorize the plot and character development. If you have some books that you have wanted to read but haven’t gotten a chance to during the semester, spring break is a chance for you to do it.

Invite your friends over

You can plan to spend time with your friends who don’t go to the same school. If your breaks fall at the same time, see if they can spend a few days here so you can catch up.

Go to Art Walk in Wynwood

Wynwood Art Walk is one of the most iconic events in Miami. It takes place on the second Saturday of every month, and spring break is the second week of March, so it is a perfect chance to visit. It has galleries and collections of murals, creators, gourmet food trucks and music. Also, one of the best parts of Wynwood is that it’s free and open to the public. So take yourself there and make your Saturday night awesome.

Sleep and relax as much as you want

If you are staying on campus, you do not need to worry about decompressing and recovering from all the energy you’ve spent on spring break. You’ve already saved your energy by spending the week relaxing on campus. Just make sure to catch up on sleep to get ready for the new term.

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