News Anchor, Feb. 20, 2018

Cyril Ramaphosa becomes South African president

Cyril Ramaphosa has become South Africa’s president, one day after previous leader Jacob Zuma resigned. According to BBC, Ramaphosa was the only candidate nominated by parliament. He was sworn into office on Feb. 15. In his first presidential speech, he said he will tackle the corruption allegedly brought on due to Zuma.

Ultra-processed foods possibly linked to cancer

A European study published on Feb. 14 by the British Medical Journal states that ultra-processed foods are possibly linked to cancer. According to USA Today, ultra-processed foods are consumables made in factories that are made with ingredients not found in homes. Ultra-processed foods include: instant noodles, TV dinners and sodas. The study found that a 10 percent increase in these food products could increase the risk of cancer by 12 percent.

Senate blocks immigration bill

The Senate blocked four immigration bills on Feb. 15. One of these bills was backed by the president. Due to no immigration bill passing, USA Today stated that DACA Dreamers are at risk for deportation starting March 5.

Former President and First Lady’s portraits unveiled

On Feb. 12, former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama’s National Portrait Gallery portraits were unveiled. According to the New York Times, the artists, Amy Sherald and Kehinde Wiley, will be the first black artists to have their work displayed in the gallery. Both felt incredibly honored to work side by side with the Obamas on their work.

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