Inside the mind of Brad Meltzer and the launch of ‘The Escape Artist’

Brad Meltzer is an award-winning thriller writer and New York Times bestselling authors of “The Inner Circle,” “The Book of Fate,” and nine other bestselling thrillers. On March 10, Meltzer will host a book-signing event in the Alvin Sherman Library for his new book “The Escape Artist,” which officially launches on March 6. I spoke with Meltzer to learn more about his newest book, “The Escape Artist.”

Meltzer, who lives in Florida, considers himself a part of the NSU family. He mentions that this is a library he loves, which is why he hosts many of his book signings there.

“You always want to do something fun in your backyard and this gives us a chance to truly do it at a place we care about and love,” said Meltzer.

To Meltzer, there is nothing more powerful than an idea. In his words, “a story is a bunch of ideas.”

Meltzer says that he writes to raise awareness about prominent issues in our society, while entertaining his readers at the same time.

“I love what I’m doing. I still love talking to these imaginary friends, I still love finding these secrets about history and I’m still not bored by it. When I’m bored by it, I’ll be done with [writing] or they [the stories] will be done with me.”

In high school, Meltzer’s teachers helped him find his passions. His 11th grade history teacher opened him up to find his love of history and his ninth-grade English teacher gave him the first critique of his work: “You can write.”

Since then, he has been drawn to stories that combine both of his passions. History’s secrets and mysteries like the underground tunnels of the White House and George Washington’s spy ring — which according to Meltzer, is still operational today —  are examples of what sparks the stories that Meltzer can connect with and relate to his readers.

This new book, “The Escape Artist,” is no different. For Meltzer, this story started six years ago during a USO trip where he learned about government operations conducted at Dover Air Force Base.

“Dover is home of some of the most top-secret, high-profile missions in the government. It’s a building full of secrets and full of mystery. As a thriller writer, how could I not care about a place like that?” said Meltzer.

This new book follows the story of the main characters: Nola and Jim “Zig” Zigarowski. Zig, who works at the Dover Air Force Base, has been through the worst tragedy of his life when he learns that Nola, a U.S. Army soldier and childhood friend of his daughter, is alive after being declared dead. However, Nola, who found out information that no one should have known is forced to go on the run. Nola and Zig then work together to reveal the truth or die trying.

Meltzer hopes that readers will enjoy this new storyline as he feels a deep connection with these characters and hope readers can relate to them as well. As for future novels which might feature these characters, Meltzer stated, “I can’t shake Zig and Nola. They talk to me every day. So yes, you’ll see them again soon.”

This event is free and open to the public. From 1:15 to 1:45 p.m., Meltzer will hold a short meet and greet for the Circle of Friends donors of the library. Then, from 2 to 4 p.m. Meltzer will conduct a public book signing where his new book will also be available for purchase.

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