Shark Speak: “What are some steps you think should be taken to prevent another mass-shooting like Parkland?”

Maria Jose ReyesMaria Jose Reyes, sophomore psychology major

“Bullying is the main thing. If [administration] made sure there is no bullying in high school, then these kinds of things wouldn’t happen because a friend would have spoken up.”




mirary monteroMirary Montero, freshman environmental science major

“I think gun control is the main issue. The U.S. is one country that has the lowest level of gun control and other countries around the world have more regulations. It’s so much easier to get a gun here, so having health and personality tests would be better and we shouldn’t be able to get big guns like the one the Parkland shooter had; that shouldn’t be a thing anywhere in the world.”


sulaiman paikaSulaiman Paika, freshman biology major

“Stricter gun laws and harder screenings, but that’s pretty basic. It’s hard with these cases because what could you really do? He has constitutional rights and maybe the FBI should have looked into more but how could they have known? He shouldn’t have been able to purchase a militarized weapon; that shouldn’t have happened.”



patrick ongPatrick Ong, freshman biology major

“There are a lot of ways you can approach alleviating this issue, but screening is one factor that will take us in the right direction. If not, then just having this discussion a lot more mainstream definitely can help sort these issues to find other possible steps to [prevent mass-shootings from happening].”



jimmy johnson

Jimmy Johnson, freshman biology major

“I think we need stricter gun laws and stricter screening on who gets to have these guns. I don’t think all guns should be made illegal … I think it stems from bullying, too. Everyone has a different way to deal [with bullying] and if they don’t know how to deal with that stress in the proper way, then one day they will boil over. If someone is known to have a mental disorder that will inhibit their thought process, they shouldn’t be able to own a gun, pistol, handgun or rifle.”

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