BookShell-f: ‘The Confidence Effect’ by Grace Killelea

“Everyone likes a ‘go-getter,’ that person who is always up for a challenge, positive about opportunities, and eager to please. But everyone respects a ‘doer,’ somebody who consistently and expertly achieves results on a consistent basis.”

The book “The Confidence Effect: Every Woman’s Guide to the Attitude that Attracts Success” focuses on the different ways that women can have the ability to attract success through simple yet important tips. Author Grace Killelea is the founder and CEO of Half the Sky Women’s Leadership Institute, principal of Grace Killelea Consulting and a leadership speaker. Killelea coaches’ women to help them achieve their goals and create their own personal brands. She is also a certified Birkman Consultant and holds a master’s degree in human resources from American University’s Kogod School of Business and Public Affairs.

The book has 18 chapters divided into four major parts. The four parts are Relationships, Reputation, Results and Resilience, which are all keys for success not only for women but for men also. This book is great for college students since it helps us develop strategies to work in the business world. This book gives those tricks and tips that we need to thrive in the real world.

Killelea talks about the power of relationships when trying to achieve success. In this first part of the book she talks about things like networking, coaching and working. When you have strong relationships, also called power relationships, you grow. You become successful by working with the people around you by teaching and learning.

Killelea kicks off the book talking about what everyone will see or hear about you first: your reputation. Reputation is focused on leadership, reputation management and personal branding. Here she focuses on how your reputation can determine what people think about you even before they have met you. A leader has to be aware of his or her reputation always since it can dictate whether followers love or hate their leader. Killelea talks about how your personal branding is communicating before you truly are. The moment you go to a meeting, people will judge you by what they see and have heard.

In Results,  Killelea focuses on different strategies, advantages and the power of accountability. For a person to be successful it is important he or she know how to deliver well done results in a timely manner. She discusses how facts and figures are a huge element; being able to find the right information and also the ability to present them, matters a lot.

According to Killelea “resilience is about overcoming adversity and ‘winning,’ but perhaps – more important – it’s also about adapting to avoid future challenges in the first place.” Finishing off the book,Killelea talks about resilience, about how to take control of your career, learning how to bounce, how important stamina is and also being open to change. Success comes with many moments of failure and understanding that is the key to success. Understanding that there might be moments of struggle and being able to get back up are very important. Killelea discusses all of this, how much it matters and many strategies and ways to work with learning from mistakes and standing up again.

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