Shark Speak: What has your experience been with cell service on campus?

tamara lumsdenTamara Lumsden, graduate student CSA program

“The cell service is good and bad depending where you are on campus. I have Verizon, but I live in Rolling Hills and the service is bad sometimes. When you are on campus, like in the UC, the service isn’t that bad. It’s pretty good. It just depends where you are on campus.”




emily mehlhopEmily Mehlhop, junior environmental science major

“There is pretty crappy service in the UC. There is good Wifi but if you try and call someone or text somebody it won’t go through unless they have an iPhone. I’ve had fine service in the dorms but some of the buildings like Desantis and the Parker labs have very poor service as well. Around campus it’s mostly okay, its just in specific buildings that the service is not great.”



alan berneggerAlan Bernegger, freshman pre-nursing major

“My cell-provider is Sprint and I haven’t had any problems with cell service on campus. I haven’t dropped any calls or anything so I’d say it’s pretty good.”




audra payneAudra Payne, junior environmental science major

“I have Verizon and the library is pretty sucky sometimes especially on the first floor. I can’t even make calls and sometimes I can’t even send text messages if the Wifi goes out.




jacob grayJacob Gray, junior marine biology major

“My cell-provider is Verizon and I’ve had no issues other than in the library. The cell zones seem to be the worst. I can’t make any calls because I have no service. Generally, on campus it’s fine.”

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