Shark Speak: What are your thoughts to the announcement of the recent changes in residential life and housing slated for next year?

Aaliyah RigbyAaliyah Rigby, freshman environmental science major

“Nothing really changed for me since I’m in Razor’s Edge because we have to stay in Commons. However, I really don’t like that fact since there are no facilities like a community kitchen in Commons so it’s [going to be] another year of not being able to cook food on my own. [Even though] Razor’s Edge is a scholarship and a privilege to be part of, we should be able to have rooms with a kitchen or something that resembles a kitchen.”


Oriana LopezOriana Lopez, sophomore international studies major

“As for the new changes to residential life and housing for the junior and seniors who have to move to Rolling Hills, I personally do not like the idea because many residential students do not have cars. So, they will have to rely on the Shark Shuttle, which does not work. So, they would have to change that and as for the pricing, I feel like it is it an exaggeration because the rooms are exactly the same. Nothing has changed for it to be more expensive and especially for those students who don’t have scholarships and have to pay from their own [pockets] and have to live on campus because they have no other option, it’s just very inconvenient.”


Luke DombroskiLuke Dombroski, freshman political science major

“I believe that the rise in prices is unfair to all residential students who are currently living on campus as well as incoming freshman and I also believe that the new housing process is definitely not ideal, not efficient and should be completely looked at and overhauled.”




Garrettt HardyGarrett Hardy, freshman marine biology major

“I don’t really know much about the housing process. The only thing I really know about it is the big changes with who are living in what apartments and [residence halls]. I honestly don’t mind the changes, I don’t really see a big deal, but the rise in prices is not ideal at all.”




Dominique BrownDominique Brown, freshman behavioral neuroscience major

“Being a freshman right now and upcoming sophomore, I have more options because we have to move in to either FFV, CLC or Commons or one of the apartments if you have enough credits. I feel like it’s better for us because moving in to one of the apartments makes us more independent since we have our own space.”

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