Athlete of the week: Malik Hardy

Named First Team All-Broward County by the Miami Herald, Malik Hardy is a freshman marine biology major and plays on the men’s basketball team.

How did you get into basketball?

“I got into basketball because my dad and my older brother played so they introduced me to the game around fourth grade.”

When did you begin to take basketball seriously?

“Probably around my senior year of high school. I developed [my skills] kind of late.”

How have you adapted so far to NSU?

“It’s going well because I was good at time management at high school, so I just carried that over to college. It was an easy transition.”

How do you keep up with your academic work as well as you athlete responsibilities?

“I just study a lot during weekdays, but I don’t do any homework until the weekends. I do my homework prior when they are due on the weekends, so I’m free throughout the week.”

How is your relationship with your teammates?

“It’s good so far, we hang out on weekends and we hang out together after practice as well.”

What’s your relationship with your coaches?

“They are cool guys. I like them so far.”

How did you learn about NSU?

“I discovered NSU because they offered me a basketball scholarship in April of my senior year, so I liked the school, went on a visit and accepted the offer.”

What is one of the things you most like about NSU?

“The small class sizes are cool. I get to know my teachers and they don’t give that much work so that’s great as well.”

What do you think about the athletic department of NSU?

“It’s a good department. In the study hall they bring people to help you out academically and then we also have the weight room which we have access to all day. So, it benefits you as a student athlete.”

What is your everyday routine like, say on a Tuesday?

“A normal Tuesday. I have two classes in the morning, so it goes from 9:15 to 12. Go eat after the class. Go to practice at 2 p.m. and then get out at 5 p.m., rest and then have a 6-8 p.m. class. And then I go to sleep.”

How do you keep yourself motivated?

“A lot of other schools at the conference passed on me. So, I just want to prove that I’m good enough to play with them and just to keep winning because we lost more games that I would have like this year, so just win more. That’s what keeps me motivated.”

What do you plan to do with your degree?

“I want to be a veterinarian. Work with cats and dogs.”

How different is being a student athlete in college compared to being a student athlete in high school?

“The biggest difference for me, I was very bad with time management. Not so much on time management itself but being on time to places. So, I learned that I have to be 10 minutes early to practice rather than walking in like I did in high school.”

How do you balance your athlete life with your social life?

“It’s difficult, especially now in college, but I just try to hang out with people on weekends or whenever I can get an hour or two of free time and use that to socialize instead of studying.”

Have you ever feel like quitting?

“No, I don’t quit. I’ve come too far now just to quit.”

Who do you look up to the most?

“For basketball, I look up to Carmelo Anthony because he was my favorite player growing up. And then my family, they are the ones that keep me motivated, that keep me going, because when I’m down they just push me to keep me going and I can talk to them about anything.”

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