Here’s what we know so far about the Class of 2022

Every year, colleges open their doors to new students and a new incoming class. With the commencement of NSU’s Class of 2022 fast approaching this fall, here is a look into what these freshman have to offer and how the school plans to proceed with this new class.

In pursuit of realizing Vision 2020, according to Deanna Voss, dean of undergraduate admissions, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions has adopted a target of enrolling 1,150 freshman into the incoming Class of 2022.

Consideration of applicants
“With thousands of applicants and a fast-growing overall class size, the admission process is still comprehensive,” said Voss. “Admission review is holistic, so NSU doesn’t publish a minimum standard. As we continue to have larger and stronger pools of applicants, the university continues to take the holistic approach.”

In short, this means applicants are still determined based on all of the qualities they can bring to the table at NSU academically and sometimes physically as in the case of athletics.

Composition and diversity
Voss explained that the overall academic composition of the incoming class each year is likely to change. But, a major part that she is hoping to stay the same is diversity within the student body.

“We want to have a diverse class and diverse in many ways: academic, geographic, gender and ethnic diversity,” said Voss.

Yet the quest for gender diversity is still desired. The male-to-female ratio is still the same for this upcoming class. Voss said that it seems that NSU will still hold strong on the 70 percent female, 30 percent male breakdown with the incoming class. She added that there are plans in the future to try and balance this gender disparity. But for now, these plans are still in the researching phase.

In terms of geographic diversity, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions hopes to stay or surpass the target enrollment of international students. According to Voss, on average, international students applications account for seven percent of the total application pool. The office hopes to hit that same target again in this year’s enrolled student population to match the previous class numbers of international students.

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