Soundbite: Kenyo

Kenyo Alexandre Baly, or Kenyo, is a singer, songwriter and rapper. Kenyo was born in the Dutch Caribbean, on the small island of St. Maarten. His music career began in high school, when he started to teach a Choir Club in Learning Unlimited Preparatory Schools and then he progressively started singing casually for restaurants and piano bars.

Kenyo is known on social media as @iamkenyobaly. He is on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Snapchat where he showcases his music and talents. He has a wonderful, soothing voice and for many years, he worked tirelessly on publishing a quality song. Finally, the song that made Kenyo well known across the island was produced 11 months ago, called “Who Yuh Fuh” with 64,000 views on YouTube.

This song has a strong Caribbean touch to it with Kenyo’s powerful island accent. His songs feature reggae, dance hall and soca. Since then, Kenyo has made five songs that became big hits around the Caribbean islands. All of his music videos are filmed on St. Maarten, showing off  the beautiful island.

Kenyo has a touching, inspiring and positive heart in his music and creates relatable music and lyrics . When Hurricane Irma hit St. Maarten, Kenyo debuted a touching song in relation to the recovery of the island, “Starting All Over Again.” The name says it all. The lyrics and video for the song touched many people who were affected by Irma. This video got 2,900 views on YouTube, gaining new fans every day.

Kenyo had the opportunity to go on stage and perform in different islands such as Aruba, Anguilla and St. Kitts, gaining more attention and fans across the Caribbean. His most recent song, “Infront A Me” targets the typical St. Maarten soca vibe. Kenyo’s goal is to get his name out there with his commonly used hashtag, #Theworldwillsaymyname. He is working on producing his first album in April, which his fans are looking forward to.  Whether you are from the Caribbean or not, Kenyo Baly has a unique voice in his music that will attract you to his songs.

You can follow Kenyo with the username @iamkenyobaly on Spotify, Youtube and Apple Music.


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