Summer Calls for Binge-watching Some Shows

Summer is almost here, and everybody has their own plans. Some are going to travel, some will work and some have a bucket list of all of the things they want to do. But, what about those who only want to watch some series? The Current is here to help you out. Netflix has released many different shows in the last few months and this is your moment to watch at least some of them and become a series expert.

‘That ‘70s Show’

If you want a laugh, “That ‘70s Show” is definitely your go-to. Set in the ‘70s, this show consists of six friends on the verge of growing up, going through the part of their lives where they would love to be independent. The show has eight seasons with about 24 episodes each (it will take you some time to watch it – so it’s perfect). You’ll see many actors who started at a very young age – including Dylan and Cole Sprouse. Have a laugh and enjoy the different personalities that each of these characters have.

‘Everything Sucks’

“Everything Sucks” is set in the ‘90s and can be considered the complete opposite of “Stranger Things” — which is also a great show. The characters are similar, yet the story is completely different. It’s about a group of high school students, both popular and unpopular, going through the process of finding who they are. It is a funny, heartwarming and emotional series. It is only one season with about 10 episodes, but it will melt your heart and make you laugh at the same time.

‘Seven Seconds’

To go to a darker side, “Seven Seconds” is about a black teen being killed in a hit and run — a white police officer was driving, so you can imagine the racial tension in this series. This crime series shows a family trying to get justice even though the incident was smartly covered up. Through the episodes you can feel the stress and tension that builds when there are no tracks to finding the murderer and getting the justice they need.


In the ‘90s a baby disappeared, and 23 years later Matilda discovers evidence that she was this baby after her mom commits suicide. After this the unraveling starts,  Matilda tries to find her identity by going back to her hometown. She starts uncovering many buried secrets, including forces waiting for her. Watch this series and see how everything turns out in this supernatural thriller.

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