Shark Speak: Would you say NSU is environmentally conscious? Why or why not?

alejandro serranoAlejandro Serrano, junior biology major

“They are making an effort to be by posting the recycling bins along the residence halls and along campus. We have recycling options, but there are things that [NSU] can do better, like using tupperware and things like that. But, I’d say they do a decent job.”



fabian gomezFabian Gomez, freshman psychology major

“Both yes and no. I think NSU can do a better job. There are not many activities that are environmentally involved. Recycling is not a priority here so much. I lived in Germany and recycling is very different compared to [how it is] here.”




melissa perezMelissa Perez, freshman behavioral neuroscience major

“They recycle with the bins all around campus but other than recycling, I don’t think NSU is environmentally conscious.They also have the napkins that say ‘[made from] 100 percent recyclable materials,’ but they don’t do much other than that. If they tried they could [do better].”



nick curciNick Curci, sophomore computer science major

“NSU is kind of environmentally conscious with the recycling bins. But they’re not doing much other than that. They just say ‘Here are the recycling bins. It’s all up to you.’ There’s no real initiative that they are launching [to be environmentally conscious].”



abrielle beaAbrielle Bea, sophomore marine biology major

“I would say it is. I notice we do a lot about recycling and we have the Green Sharks [Sustainability Club] that does a lot of work on campus. I know as a marine bio major, in our classes, we learn to observe and not destroy the environment. So far from my experience, it is.”


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