Soundbite: Creation by E.P.I.C. the Band

There are musical artists whom the public generally agrees are talented; the ones who can hold impressive notes and have decent stage presence. Then, there are are artists who seem to have been genuinely blessed by God Himself. Who sing melodies that are pleasing to your ears, but were really made to touch your heart in a way that was unexpected, but absolutely needed. After just a few moments spent listening to the group’s latest album Creation, you’ll understand that E.P.I.C. the Band, unequivocally belongs to the latter.

Listening to the group members tell the story of how the band got its beginnings, it sounds like a script straight out of a movie, as each member sits around a table adding their two cents about what they remember. According to the band’s keyboardist and producer Daniel Luis, the idea for the formation of the band came after the friends went to a 2015 Outcry concert — a Christian concert which is much like Coachella, according to singer Jessica Nicole Justo. After the friends enjoyed performances by groups like Hillsong United, Luis was inspired to create an instrumental which he later shared with Charles Ryan, the group’s drummer. From there, the two pulled in Justo, Adrian Gonzalez, Alison Rodriguez, Nico Cabrera and NSU’s very own Ricky Gonzalez. Since, the faces in the group have changed slightly — artists have joined for a season and others have been featured on certain tracks — but at the group’s core, the message has always been simple: to spread the news of the Eternal Power In Christ.

Whether you identify as a Christian or not, the album has something for everyone. Listeners are invited to go on an amazing journey which explores different textures, colors, and topics in the form of singles that were released in waves. With upbeat, pop songs “Free” and “Saved by Grace” in Wave I, the group celebrates what it means to be completely uninhibited by the weights of the world. Audiences are in for a ride in Wave II’s “Nothing More,” “Roam,” “Pursue,” and “Your Way” — admittedly my favorite — as the raw talent of singers Justo, Cabrera, Adrian Gonzalez, Ricky Gonzalez and Rodriguez is on full display accompanying beautifully organic guitar strums, and skillfully placed piano and drum rhythms. Electronic influences take over in the band’s Wave III, yet don’t overshadow the powerful lyrics which highlight the amazing love of God, embracing the true meaning of worship.

With all of the things that the band has accomplished, including the launch of more than six EPs and singles since their establishment, the members have maintained a sense of humility, saying that their main goal is to touch audiences for the glory of God. It’s no telling where that might lead, but with a tour already in the works, it’s evident that this group is only just getting started.

E.P.I.C. the Band’s music is available on Spotify, Apple Music and for purchase on their website: Also, stay tuned to their social media pages including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter because the group is preparing to announce the date of the release of Wave IV, and after being privileged enough to hear a sneak peek at one of the band’s practices, I promise that you will not want to miss what they have in store.

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