You don’t need a summer internship or job

Summer is almost here and there are a lot of people who get an internship or job opportunity. There are others who don’t get these chances either because they’re not interested or because they can’t find the right one. It is very easy to listen to people talk about their internship or job and feel a bit disappointed because you didn’t get either of them. I am here to say that everything is okay. We are college students filled with work, papers and tests for months and summer is our moment to relax and do what we love or do absolutely nothing for three months.

Sometimes college comes with the burden of having to start getting jobs and growing up suddenly, and using summer for these activities is part of this burden. Yet, it isn’t obligatory. You’re not a true success for getting such an opportunity or a failure for not getting one. Life is all about experiences and summer jobs or internships are just more  experiences to add to the pack. Summer consists of three months of free time, and it’s okay to enjoy and take advantage of it. Summer may be used for more than just earning money or gaining experience; you can use the time to find out who you are.

Sometimes after being so focused in class so many months, it is easy to lose sight of what we love and who we are. This is your time to get it back. Stress takes charge of our lives sometimes and what better way to let it go and relax than to have a few months for yourself.

I would rather have internships or jobs during the semester than in the summer. Summer is my time to focus on myself, emotionally and physically; that’s my time to focus on the gym, my family and friends and sometimes even traveling. But even if you don’t live an active lifestyle, it is okay to decide that you would like to just sleep and watch a television series for all three months. As long as you get back on track when you begin taking classes again, you’re good.

If you’re not interested in getting an internship or a job, make a list of those things that you would love to do before you graduate and start doing them now. It could be a list of TV shows to watch, a list of activities like traveling, cooking, going to the gym more often or taking a painting class; anything that will help you relax for a few months. Yes, those who get internship and job opportunities might gain money or experience, but those who don’t have these opportunities have the advantage of gaining other types of experiences, experiences that will last for a lifetime or may change their future.

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