Shark Speak: Do the new hours of operation for shark dining, specifically the one-price dining, cater to student needs? Why or why not?

“Personally I definitely like the buffet option, but sometimes you just want something small and you don’t want to spend $10 on it so the UC is just not an option.  I feel like places should stay open later because I have club soccer practice and we end at 10 p.m. so the only [place] open is Flight Deck.”

-Leon Ribotta, sophomore sports management major







“I would say no, because I’m a commuter student so I can’t study after class in the pit because I get kicked out at 4:00. If you go upstairs in the UC everything is full, and if I don’t want to go to the library because I can’t study in the library I prefer to in the pit and I have been studying there for the past three years.  I feel like if someone is there if they want to eat for the buffet it is fine but for the people who don’t want to eat and just want to study, that is fine as well.”

-Jasmyn Telfort, senior exercise and sports science major






“I understand why they would do the one price dining and the hours because they want to get more revenue, but having one price dining on the weekends all day is something I don’t agree with.  That is one of the main study spaces so they should at least cut it down to the same time as on weekdays. The collaborative study room is a good idea but it’s small”

-Brandon Fratianni, sophomore biology major






“I don’t think they do, because the UC is a huge study spot for people and it’s very inconvenient to not be able to be in the pit.  Also if you are in [the pit] studying before those hours start, you get kicked out, so it’s a little annoying.”

-Samantha Burgess, junior marine biology and environmental science major







“For people who need to study in the UC, they do not cater to our needs.  Mostly because the pit is normally used for studying at these times and there are definitely ways the eating area can be sectioned off where students who pay can eat, and others can still study and come through here.”

-Jessica Cavalier, junior psychology major

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