Shark Speak: How could NSU better support commuter students?

“The roads in front of the Commons and Goodwin buildings. I want to actually use them, because I’m tired of them being closed and only one entrance being open for commuters. So I’d rather have more roads that lead to the opposite side of the school.”

-Vladimir Grammont, freshman biology major







“I think they should provide more events, or more locations where people can socialize instead of [just] the cafeteria, because we depend on the cafeteria to meet friends and talk, and we can’t do that in the library. Also club[meetings] can’t be at the same time, [since now] they’re all at the same time.”

-Jodi Ho, freshman biology major







“The parking situation[right now] is a problem. Finding parking on campus can be difficult especially with the construction. I’ve gone to the commuter lounge a few times and it is a neat idea but it is hidden. It’s not advertised as much as it should be.”

– Antony Robreno, sophomore paralegal studies major







“I live in North Miami Beach and I take Uber to school everyday and it’s a large financial strain on me. It would be amazing if one of the Shark Shuttles can go out to the community. If I wanted to take public transportation [now] I would have to take two buses and that’s not so reasonable.”

-Deniz Turkmenilli, junior biology major







“ More parking. As a student athlete, I get off the field at 4:15 p.m. and I have weights at 4:30 p.m. There is very little parking spots near the weight room. Yesterday, I parked in the grass and I got a ticket. They told me to park in the west parking garage. That’s too far from places I need to be and that will make me late which would get me in trouble with my team.”

-John Leone, sophomore exercise and sport science major

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