Shark Speak “How do you feel about the switch from Blackboard to Canvas?”

“I think that the switch has been a really positive one. Blackboard used to be an outdated program that I feel was often confusing to use. A lot of things were difficult to access, and now that we have Canvas, I have seen that it’s a much sleeker, more modern program for us to use. I’m overall satisfied with the new program that we are using now.” Adrian Alfonzo, senior business major


“I don’t really feel like it’s any different than Blackboard, but the whole convenience of it and having to relearn a new system was difficult for me at first, but I know that it helps out a lot of online classes. I think it’s more user friendly, when you’re actually within the application, versus being able to communicate with professors where you’re not actually in class with them. I don’t have that, but that’s what I’ve heard.” Samantha Blasko, senior exercise and sports science major


“I feel like it’s much easier, and everything is easier to navigate. It’s more organized, so I can find everything I need for my classes more [efficiently].” Caroline Crispino, senior theatre major


“I think Canvas is more efficient and has more clearer options on how to get to your primary things for your classes. Compare it to Blackboard, which I feel like was more unprocessed wealth. When you actually went on the site, it wasn’t aesthetically pleasing, so it made that process of going to see your classes, and what’s there so on and so forth, a little bit more difficult than Canvas does..” Alonzo Williams, graduate assistant of student affairs


“Canvas looks nicer and at times it can be easier to use. I have heard from professors that sometimes the grade inputting process, putting up modules and different things can be difficult. But I think for the future, it’s a good change. I know right now it’s new so a lot of teachers are getting used to it. I like the interface and how it works, and I feel it will be the future of NSU’s shark learning.” Ferran Rivas, junior biology major

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