Study spots on campus

Have you ever walked into the library and paced the floors over and over trying to find the perfect study spot? While the midterm slam may have died down, nobody needs the added stress of trying to find the perfect study space. So in addition to the library, here are a few perfect spots on campus to get your study on.

UC Pit

The UC Pit  provides a communal space where students can meet, interact and study. It’s directly adjacent to Razor’s Reef so you can indulge your study break cravings.

NSU’s Medicinal Garden

If it’s not pouring outside, the garden between DeSantis and Parker is the ideal spot for some secluded studying. Nestled in the trees and foliage are a few tables that work perfectly for an afternoon of notecards and review packets. It’s provides a cathartic environment where students can escape from the concrete jungle of campus and relieve their stress. If you want a study break you can walk on the reflexology path which is specifically designed to target areas of stress in the body and relieve them.

Carl DeSantis Building

Another overlooked location, the Carl DeSantis building is a building where students go all day to classes throughout the week. There are offices on the second and third floors which are open to all students and are quiet spaces which encourage study and concentration. They are labelled student lounge and student study room and are easily found near the elevators of main stairs of the buildings.

SAB Patio

Unless you are on the side of campus near the Horvitz administration building you may have missed the little spot next to the Students Affairs building. Complete with comfortable couches, chairs and lounge areas, the covered patio area is the ideal spot to relax and study. While it is outside, it is covered from Florida rain showers and has fans to ameliorate the afternoon heat. There are also outlets which provide the convenience to charge computers, phones and other devices.

Upstairs UC

The UC is the central of life here at NSU, but the second floor provides some spots which are tucked away from the hustle and bustle of college life. Tables with comfortable chairs and lounge areas equip the spot with the perfect tools for a quiet study session.

Regardless of if you have five hours of studying or one, the stress of studying is a feeling which all college students can relate too. Whether you prefer to be inside, outside, somewhere quiet or somewhere where you can collaborate with friends and classmates, NSU’s vibrant little campus has a spot for everyone.

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