Shark Speak: If you were trapped in one horror movie, which would it be and why?

“Probably one of the ‘Scream’ movies because I think I could really survive that, just hide out the entire time and escape from the killer and be the only person to have survived it. It would be fun and exciting.” said Taylor Haardt, freshman biology major.




“I don’t really watch many horror movies, but I guess if I was trapped in a horror movie, it would be ‘Hush’ and I would play the character of the girl trapped in the house while a psycho killer was lurking outside trying to kill me. It would definitely be a thrill trying to outsmart the killer and save myself. Although, I’d end up having nightmares every day.” said Urvi Patel, sophomore marine biology major.



“I would choose to be in ‘Halloween III’, because I really like the movie. The plotline is amazing and the various scary tactics used in the film makes it very exciting.” said Jonathan Zobel, junior  business major.



“If I was trapped in a horror movie, I would choose to be trapped in ‘IT’ because I’m not scared of clowns and I would love to be the clown. I know the clown dies in the end but I’d change the story so that I wouldn’t have to die.” said Kiahra Barthold, junior marketing major.



“I think I would be trapped in ‘The Exorcist’ because the whole idea of possession is very intriguing and I would love to know something that is so cool.” said Michael Veizaga, senior exercise science major.

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