A not-so-lonely Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  Typically, Thanksgiving is spent with your family, a dinner table of food and mute-colored leaves falling outside. Many students have already made plans to visit family, but what does one do when they’re away from home? I am one of the few students away from my home, located soundly in another state and basking in the altering weather.  Despite being in a nontraditional environment to celebrate Thanksgiving, I’ve discovered some ways to celebrate my first Thanksgiving away from home:


        Even if it is weird to be away from home on a holiday, there are other students staying on campus. Instead of eating by yourself, invite people you know over to your dorm and host a dinner party. Create the meals you’d usually make at home, or ask your friends to bring food. Decorate the dorm with paper turkeys or a few festive fall items, then bond with your friends over a delicious meal. If you’re not up for hosting Friendsgiving in your dorm, you can always go to your friends’ dorm instead.

If staying inside for Thanksgiving and cooking isn’t your thing, invite your friends out to eat. Make a reservation for a restaurant and enjoy Friendsgiving without the hassle of attempting to cook the meals that your mother traditionally makes. Cooking may not be your talent, so a good restaurant surrounded by great people will make for a joyful celebration.

If you’re looking for a chill Thanksgiving with friends, have a picnic. The beaches that surround us south Florida residents make several locations available to spread a blanket and unwind. As an out-of state-student, one of the reason I chose NSU was its location. Invite everyone you’re grateful for and bring food. Pack a football, volleyball or frisbee to pass time. Spend quality time with your friends for Friendsgiving watching the sunset over the horizon.

Thanksgiving by yourself

Now that we’re in college with busy schedules, we students have developed a sense of independence and responsibility. Maybe celebrating Thanksgiving by ourselves is another responsibility. While I do not advise buying all the food your mom would normally tell you not to eat and gorging yourself into a food coma, as an adult you have the power to celebrate Thanksgiving any way you’d like.  Cook a meal for yourself, and have a quiet night in. You can also prepare for Black Friday deals and go shopping at the mall. How you choose to spend Thanksgiving is up to you.

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