Gift cards are college students’ best friend

The older we get, the more we can agree that for any occasion we’d prefer monetary gifts. We have now reached the age where we no longer put together long lists of presents we would like to have and instead hope to receive money. For all gift givers, instead of going out your way to withdraw cash or write a check, grab a gift card instead. Though the giving of gift cards has been frowned upon, they really don’t deserve the bad reputation they get. They’re convenien. Would you rather receive a gift you won’t use, such as  clothes that don’t fit or receive a card that allows you to purchase any items you like? Whether it be for Christmas or a birthday, you can be certain that I’ll gladly accept a gift card.

Gift cards give college students their three favorite things: fun, freedom and flexibility. While gift cards are typically seen as impersonal, they make life easier for everyone. Gift cards guarantee gifts that we’ll love. Not only is it annoying to have to return a present, but it’s also a hassle to explain to your family why you aren’t wearing or using the gifts they bought you. With gift cards, we have the freedom to get anything we want, when we want it. As an extremely picky person, gifts cards are very desirable. More importantly, gift cards don’t expire. You can wait a year or more and not lose any money on the card.  

As a college student, I have more needs than I have money. A simple Visa, American Express or Discover gift card allows you to purchase items you need to stock up on. From dorm essentials, class supplies and even groceries, you have the power to pick and choose things that you actually  need. As if that isn’t great enough, you can purchase all these items from the luxury of your room.

Thanks to the convenience of the internet, you don’t  have to even leave your room to shop. For students without vehicles, this is a godsend. Moreover, the internet has birthed a new type of gift card known as e-gift cards. These gift cards are sent via email and can be used on almost any website. With this type of gift card, you’ll never have to worry about losing it, unless you’re the type of person who loves to have emails pile up in the inbox.
You could argue that a gift card is a lazy present, but it’s one of the most personal presents to gift someone. It’s always nice to know that your loved ones think of you and pick out gift cards to places such as your favorite restaurant or the movie theater. Gift cards are the only gift that makes sense to give to a college student. They’re just as good as receiving a huge wad of cash… but better.

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