The Secret Power Behind Reading

Renowned author Dr. Seuss once said, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” In high school, reading seemed more like a chore. We were assigned books to read for class that we were not interested in. However, we were not realizing what those efforts really did for us. While not everyone is a bookworm at heart, you should at least try to get into reading.

Reading isn’t just going to expand your mind, it provides an escape from the rest of the world. Every day, I deal with stressful situations and people that can wear me down, and, when I finally get time to myself, I sit down and open a good book. Not only does this get my mind off of whatever was stressing me out, but it also provides me with an opportunity to escape from my world and problems to immerse myself into someone else’s world.

Not only is reading a release from stress in your everyday life, it also helps you improve your writing skills. Have you ever felt like you could fully express what you wanted to say on paper? When you read someone else’s work, you unconsciously learn a different style of writing. For example, if you read a book that is very descriptive, the next time you write something that needs a little description, it will come easier to you. Our brains are like giant sponges that want to absorb as much knowledge they can even without your knowledge.

While books in school were boring, not all books are. Every book is just as different and unique as the people who read them. Without a doubt, any person could find a type of book that they would enjoy. So it isn’t the fact that people don’t like to read. It’s more of the fact that they haven’t found a book that they particularly enjoy. If you’re into science, sci-fi, anime, poetry, horror, beauty products, art or teenage drama, there are books for everything. As soon as anyone finds a book that they enjoy, they will have no problem reading. So next time you claim that you don’t like to read, think about what your interests are. Maybe the problem isn’t that you don’t like to read, but you haven’t found anything that piques your interest. Reading shouldn’t be a chore. It should be enjoyable. Reading doesn’t always mean 300-page novels. You can read magazines, newspapers, blogs, comic books or even manga. As long as your exposing yourself to a new source of knowledge, you will definitely benefit from it.

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