Shark Speak: What style of classroom learning experience do you prefer: lecture or discussion based and why?

“Discussion based because it gives you an opportunity to understand the material and then discuss it with your professor versus in a lecture setting, your teacher could be talking to you and you wouldn’t understand anything and then you’d just go home,” said Alina Hussain, junior public health major





“Discussion based because you get to interact a lot more one on one with the professor and you get to really get to know your subject more than sitting in a lecture and just taking down notes,” said Sejul Phanord, freshman engineering major






“Discussion based because I like hearing other people’s ideas and opinions on topics,” said Halle Hevener, sophomore marine biology major







“Lecture learning because sometimes with discussions, the other students might repeat the same topic over and over again. Sometimes the material is just really complicated and it’s best for the professor to explain that topic,” said Ken Bui, freshman biology major






“A mixture of both. I like the lectures [with professors] but the discussion helps me [understand] the information better,” said Stephen Reinking, junior biology major

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