International Tidings, Jan. 15, 2019

Saudi Women flee country with the help of social media

Saudi women are increasingly fleeing from their country with the help of social media, reported The New York Times. Saudi Arabia has some of the strictest legal and social restraints when it comes to gender roles, requiring all women to have a male guardian, who may be their husband, father, son or even brother. Men also use a government website to “manage” the women they are guardians of. Many turn to social media in an attempt to help plan and organize their escapes, or they use it to document their cases. Media attention doesn’t always guarantee a safe escape, but it has proven to aid some in the process.

Snowstorms in parts of Europe cause chaos

Heavy snowstorms in parts of Germany, Sweden, Norway and other sections of Europe have encountered fallen trees, chest-deep snow, impassable roads, dangerous winds and several other hazards that have resulted in injuries and fatalities. According to BBC, Austria experienced approximately 10 feet of snow fell in a few days. Sweden recorded winds of 111 mph, with Storm Jan in Stekenjokk near Norway. Many drivers are still stuck on roads and several persons have been reported missing.

“Miracle” healthy baby survives Ebola Virus

A Congolese woman cured of Ebola has given birth to a healthy baby girl, a feat that is being described as a “medical miracle,” according to The Guardian. The baby, named Sylvana, is the second known case of a baby being born to a mother who previously had Ebola, but this is the first instance in which both survived. Sylvana has tested negative for the disease, but will continue to be monitored closely during the 21-day incubation period for the virus.

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