Shark Speak: How has your experience with the NSU mailroom been so far, and why?

Robert Henry Freshman Public health major

“The mailroom’s great, They’re very organized, they keep everybody’s stuff. When I’m getting my packages, they always deliver them on time and they don’t lose them.”






Angelica Lopez Freshman Sociology and Business major

“So far it’s been good. One of the things that I don’t like so much is the fact that when I want to return [or send out packages], I can’t [do so easily without access to the proper materials] but besides that, it has been good.”






Cassidy Eckart, freshman

“For the most part it’s okay, but sometimes when I’m waiting to get my package things can be kind of slow. Also it’s annoying to me when I go for a slip or a package and when I get there they tell me they can’t find it or to come back the next day, but I know it’s there because I got an email telling me that it is in my mailbox. I wish that it was better organized. “





Paige Lynn Morgans, junior

“I absolutely love the mailroom. I have spent a lot of time in the mailroom. The people there know me, they say, ‘Hi Paige, we have a package for you.’ So far everything has been great. Sometimes my packages come a bit late towards the beginning of the semester because everyone has so much coming in. I usually get packages in three to five business days, though early in the semester it can take up to 10.”



Antonio Zayas, sophomore

“When I lived in Goodwin I had packages that were delivered to the wrong box twice, so I assumed they were lost. Near the end of the year I asked about them and they said they had just found these boxes in one that wasn’t mine. I was also getting letters that didn’t belong to me. It was a mess.”

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