On the Bench: What happened to the good halftime shows?

I’m not a person who follows football but I always watch the Super Bowl. The two things that always excite me the most are the funny commercials and the halftime show. The commercials were quite good, my two favorites being Walmart Grocery Delivery and Olay. The halftime show was disappointing, to say the least.

Due to many artists publicly denying the offer to perform at the Super Bowl, the NFL knew they had to make the show as clean as possible. With all the headlines about who wasn’t going to perform they had to find someone who won’t spark outrage or any more controversy.

Maroon 5 was critisized in the months leading up to the big night. Although petitions were started to have the artists quit, they managed to perform a rather dull show. I sang along to most of the songs. There wasn’t anything really jaw-dropping or interesting, other than Adam Levine taking his shirt off and the small cameo of Spongebob’s “Sweet Victory.” I also have no idea who the guest artists were. I thought the halftime show was supposed to be the greatest performers with fireworks, bright lights, and lots of crazy outfits. For example, Lady Gaga gave an actual jaw-dropping performance by jumping off of a roof. She was wearing a ton of sparkles, fancy makeup and wasn’t afraid of doing some crazy stunts. Beyonce crashing the halftime show with Bruno Mars was legendary. Coldplay was good but then surprise, here’s some Queen B. I can even remember her performance from 2013 where she had flashing lights, fires going off and she even brought back Destiny’s Child!

For the last couple of years, the halftime shows haven’t had all the glitz and glam like they used to. There’s been no real wow factor. I was more excited about the possible Spongebob cameo than the Maroon 5 show. I was really let down by the entire song not being played, but I was more let down by the extremely boring performance. I get that times are changing and artists are evolving but the biggest football game of the year should not have the worst halftime show.

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