Shark Speak: “Valentine’s Day is coming up. How do you practice self-love in college?”

Cassidy Loucks, freshman, marine biology and theatre major

“With practicing self-love, it’s important to be patient with yourself, and if you know you need to focus on your school work, taking time to be focus and study hard. Then, scheduling time to watch YouTube or Netflix. [It’s about] having that balance between working hard and enjoying your time here.”




Tatyana Mendez, freshman, secondary english education major

“How I practice self-love usually is putting aside time for myself, at least once a week, on Sundays [to] do face masks. I like to go to the yoga classes when I’m feeling down, and take an extra five minutes in the day to look pretty so that I feel good about myself.




Mia Andahazy, sophomore, biology major

“I play my guitar. I watch funny TV shows and YouTube videos, and they make me laugh.”





Mariapia Medina, junior, biology and neuroscience major

“ In between[studying], it can be really easy to just put your own self-love on the back burner. [Weekly or after a test], I try to have a nice facial day, lay down, turn on an Xbox, play some video games and shut off any thoughts of school. Or just plan a day to hang out with my friends [and] go to the beach. On a daily basis, I go to the gym when I know I will have stressful day.




Noah Atsidakos, sophomore, finance major

[Self-love is] taking care of yourself, sustaining the best belief you can in yourself [and] allowing yourself to do the most of what you can day in and day out”

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