The Oscars: The snubbed and the forgotten

It’s that time of the year again.  Oscar season, and with that comes the annual public outcry. What’s meant to be a time for celebrating filmmaking achievement with the highest of accolade has descended into a time for disappointment and controversy. With the award show just a month away, airing on Feb. 24, the nominees for the 91st Academy Awards have finally been revealed. As always, a few notable names are missing from the nominee list. Since the Academy won’t recognize their achievements, here is a list of those who were snubbed and deserve more recognition:

Toni Collette for Lead Actress in “Hereditary”

One of the most memorable performances of 2018 was Toni Collette’s chilling performance as Annie in the indie horror film “Hereditary.” The film follows a family revealing disturbing secrets embedded in their ancestry and passed down through generations, now wreaking havoc on their lives. Although the film was met with mixed reviews, one thing that everyone agreed on was the female lead’s acting capabilities. Playing the distressed mother, Collette delivered an intense array of emotions that bordered on insanity, leaving viewers feeling unsettled all around. Her performance going unrecognized is a major disappointment, especially for fans who want the horror genre to receive more recognition at the Oscars after a historic neglect.

Timothée Chalamet for Supporting Actor in “Beautiful Boy”

As the youngest actor in almost 80 years nominated for Lead Actor,  for his performance in “Call Me By Your Name,” Timothee Chalamet took the acting world by storm. Continuing his streak for being emotionally vulnerable on camera, Chalamet played struggling meth addict Nicolas Sheff in “Beautiful Boy.” He delivered an incredibly raw and honest performance, securing a lifelong career. Being nominated and winning multiple awards for his role, it came as a surprise to many when his name was missing from the nominees.

Bradley Cooper for Director of “A Star is Born”

Since its release, “A Star is Born” has made headline after headline, accompanied with the words “The Oscars.” Thus, when the nominees were announced, it was no surprise that the film amassed a total of 7 nominations. Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut, “A Star is Born,” followed the romance between famous singer Jackson Maine and struggling musician Ally, focusing on one’s struggle with alcoholism and the other’s rise to stardom.  Even when the story has been rehashed many times, Cooper was still able to bring his own touch, making for an extremely emotional, passionate experience. With nominates in almost every other major category, it’s insulting that Cooper’s direction was disregarded when his first film gained such worldly success.

Justin Hurwitz for Original Score of “First Man”

After working with director Damien Chazelle on successful movies such as “La La Land” and “Whiplash,” Justin Hurwitz continued his partnership with Chazelle yet again on the film “First Man.” Following Neil Armstrong’s life leading up to his recognition for being the first man on the moon, “First Man” featured a musical score that complemented the visuals of the film. The music’s intimacy is simultaneously lilting like a lullaby and larger than life, perfectly encapsulating the movie’s different moods. It was one of the most memorable scores of 2018, more so than the actual nominees. It should not only have been nominated, it should win.

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