Shark Speak: Do you think NSU does enough to support students in relation to mental health?

“I think it’s really good that they have Henderson Student Counseling and I participated in the therapy dog event yesterday. But I think the only issue that could be addressed is that faculty understanding what midterms week means to students. I think the faculty need to be more aware of the amount of assignments and midterms we take during this time,” said Ava Williams, freshman psychology major.








“On the basis of treating students, it’s pretty decent with Henderson Student Counseling. I just don’t think that the options are publicized enough. I feel like a lot of professors and faculty don’t really mention the mental health side when they are planning [their syllabus and assignments]. I don’t think there is nearly enough focus on that side of education,” said Kendall Kinnard, sophomore marine biology major.








“I think they do offer enough programs to promote mental health to ensure everyone is doing well in their academic program. But I know from my experience and a lot of my classmates that they don’t make it obvious what is available [for students in terms of mental health],” said Austin Figueroa, first-year physical therapy graduate student.








“I think NSU puts a lot of focus on the success of their students versus what the success costs with their mental health. Henderson Student Counseling offers 10 free sessions a year which in reality with the pressure and schedules — student’s face that’s not enough. We need more than an optional service. We need something in addition to Henderson that should help the majority of students,” said Isaiah Weber, freshman marine biology major.








“Probably not, with Henderson Student Counselling you get 10 sessions a year and that isn’t enough to go once a month. That’s definitely not enough if you have issues [that need more attention], let alone serious mental health cases. I liked the therapy dog event during midterms week but with the high school students taking up space around campus during midterms, I feel we need a little bit more seclusion and isolation to really study for midterms,” said Makenzie Conley, junior behavioral neuroscience major.

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