Spice up your food, not your love life

Why waste time spicing up your love life, when you could be spicing up some delicious meals. Living on campus or simply going to college in general, you will be told two things; love and delicious food are both hard to find. This is mostly true. However, you can manipulate one for a more desired outcome. You guessed it, it’s food. Spice is your friend, learn to use it. If you have never spent time in the kitchen or don’t even remotely know what tomato concassé is (it’s a method for deskinning tomatoes), that’s ok. The reason recipes were invented were to record the exact combination of ingredients that bring the most desired taste to a meal.  

So, why are more people afraid of incorporating spices? Some might be afraid because they misunderstand the word and others might be afraid of adding too much and spoiling the meal. Spices are from parts of plants that include their stem, roots, bulbs, bark or seeds. One important fact about spices that you need to know is that not all spices are hot. Many people confuse the word spicy with hot. There are many different varieties that offer different tastes. I suggest that you buy the smallest packet of spices that you can find and try them all. It’s all about trial and error. If you are not sure, consult a recipe or even check YouTube.

Another important fact that I think everyone should know is that spices can be added even after a meal is cooked. What, that’s very scandalous Mario. It may seem so, but restaurants don’t put salt and pepper packets on the table only for show. They make it available so that you can customize your meal to however salty or peppery you want it to be. If it makes your meal taste better, then go for it. We are college students, so that means we are always trying to find things that are affordable. If you can only afford ramen noodles that’s fine, experiment with some spices and make them taste like they’re gourmet.

Along with single spice packets, there are the premixed containers that you could buy. Once you can differentiate what each spice tastes like, why not combine a few of them? Do whatever you think tastes the best. Lastly, don’t be afraid to get things wrong. Like with anything , we are bound to mess up at some point. A helpful tip in dealing with over seasoned food is to add more food to it! You would then be able to put some leftovers away for the next day or even invite some friends over and have a food party (or whatever you kids are up to these days). So, go out to one of the local supermarkets or farmers market and start your journey today, your tummy will thank you. Adios bland food. Spicy town, here we come.

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