Athlete of the Week: Diane Follin-Arbelet

Diane is a freshman international student from Lyon, France. She is a business management major on the women’s tennis team. In the most recent match against the Florida Southern Moccasins, Follin-Arbelet tied the match up in flight three with a 6-4, 6-2 win over Moc’s  No. 66 Magda Stepnik.

How did you get your start in Tennis?

“I’ve played tennis since I was five years old. Ever since then, Tennis has been my passion.”

What about Tennis makes you so passionate?

“In France, it’s an individual sport yet in the United States, it’s very different. You have a team to play with and it’s a good thing to have. Your teammates are there for you every match all season. I might not know exactly why I have a passion for it but that’s one aspect of it I really like.”

What is something about tennis people underestimate?

“In tennis, you have be strong mentally and physically too because matches can be long and very intense. I think it’s a hard sport because you need a lot discipline and focus to play well. You always need to improve and work on something because there is no way to really be perfect.”

What would say are your strengths and weaknesses?

“I have to work on my concentration and focus during a match. Sometimes I’m really focused and sometimes I get distracted and my serve. I wouldn’t say my serve is the best. For my strengths, I feel that when I’m playing I play 100 percent and I give everything I’ve got.”

How has it been accumulating to NSU and the tennis team?

“In the beginning it was very hard because my English was pretty bad and I didn’t understand anything. But after meeting a girl on my team who spoke french, she helped me a lot and after like two months I felt much better. Now it’s fine.”

What teams are you excited to compete against this season?

“Maybe Barry and Lynn University. I think recently Lynn beat Barry so I really want to see how we compete against these teams.  I want to see how we will do as a team and individually.”

What does your downtime look like?

“I watch a lot of Netflix. Right now I’m watching Queer Eye. I watch it in English with French subtitles and sometimes I watch shows in French when I don’t want to think about [translating] and just relax.”

Has movies and tv shows like on Netflix helped you learn English and get used to the United States?

“Yes, it has helped me a lot. Now I understand English enough to watch the movies [and enjoy them]. Before I moved here I would watch things on Netflix in English to try and learn. It helped me a lot to prepare before I came to NSU.”

What made you choose NSU?

“My parents helped me a lot to find a university for me. I had a few offers before NSU but after learning more about NSU, looking at pictures and speaking with girls on the team this school became my favorite.”

I know you are a freshman but do you any plans after graduation?

“I don’t know what I want to do yet but I chose business because it is general and I think, throughout my four years here, I will find something I want to do. I don’t think I’m going to become a professional athlete but I want to enjoy playing for the four years I have here at NSU.I’m not sure after graduating if I want to go back to France or stay in the United States but we will see.”

Who would you say is your support network?

“My mom and my family. I call my mom almost everyday. I talk to her just to have someone I can talk to that speaks French and I can [vent to] about my day, good or bad.

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