Soundbite: Mimi

When most of us hear the name “Mimi” in regards to music, we often think of Mariah Carey, but there is another Mimi to watch out for.

Mimi Bay, also known as “Hi I’m Mimi” or also just “Mimi,” is a 17-year-old Swedish singer and musician who has released a few self-recorded songs on YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud. This young, rising artist’s music can best be described as short, sweet and calming. Since her YouTube channel debut in 2014, Mimi has released 8 songs, some of which are just ukulele and vocals and others with keyboard and vocals. Some of her more popular songs include “I Will Be Okay,” “Not Part of the Broken Hearts Club” and “Time.” Mimi is also known on YouTube for her cover of the song “City of Stars” from the movie “La La Land,” which she performs with ukulele and vocals.

Although she is not as active as some other artists, whenever Mimi does release new music, it does not disappoint. Mimi’s voice is very natural, organic and light; and earlier this year, in late January, Mimi released a single titled, “in your neighbours garden” that takes on an ambient and minimalist energy. The song is simple in its lyrics and has a soothing melody and rhythm perfect for relaxing and even trying to study. According to Genius contributor, Frexie, “in your neighbours garden” explores “feelings connected with moving on from a past relationship and working on growing and moving on and away from certain things and people.”

Mimi may be young and a lesser-known artist, but the quality and sound of her music are great. I recommend listening to all her songs, especially “A Little 60’s Love,” “Someday” and of course, her latest release “in your neighbours garden.”

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