Online thrifting

Every now and again, we all find ourselves in a mood to squander our savings and do a little shopping therapy, and using online sites makes us even more susceptible to temptation. Fortunately, there are several apps that are essentially equivalent to online thrifting, which might mean that you’ll get a great deal on a contemporary piece or at the very least, find unique vintage pieces you didn’t know you needed.

Apps to use


Described as a social shopping app, Depop is a platform where users can buy and sell vintage or used clothing, accessories, art, homegoods, books and magazines. Users might be described as “Depop famous,” meaning their shops are heavily frequented, and they may even maintain their accounts as a part-time vocation or full-time careers. Still, anyone can sell on the app for a charge of 10 percent profit, so if you want to clear out your closet, this is an excellent way to make some pocket change doing so. Additionally, the app occasionally offers giveaways for both buyers and sellers, meaning you might actually be rewarded for your online shopping habits.


Etsy focus on vintage and handmade merchandise, so it’s a great place to support independent artists or soothe any late-night knick-knack cravings. Merchandise ranges from hand-blown glass works; to carefully concocted perfumes, bath products and makeup; to decades of vintage clothing; and much more. You can list on Etsy for a fee of $0.20, and the app charges a transaction and processing fee once the listing is sold. As a customer, you can take advantage of occasional sale prices set by users or the app itself.


Similar to Depop, Mercari is an app to buy and sell used goods, but there’s less of a focus on vintage or style and more of one on practicality. There’s no use in letting your possessions sit around and collect dust, so Mercari allows you to make spring cleaning a real catharsis for a fee of 10 percent profit. You can also shop the app for great deals on anything ranging from hiking gear to makeup palettes, and if you want to pay less than is listed, the app allows you to make an offer.


Letgo is an app for buying and selling used goods based on location. Users offer up items such as furniture or kitchenware and can message amongst each other to negotiate pricing and arrange pickup locations. While Letgo offers great deals, users should be sure to take precautions regarding potential scams and meet up in public, well-lit locations.


Let’s not forget, if none of those apps fit your fancy, you can always bid on a range of merchandise on Ebay. If it’s been a few years since you checked it out, there’s deals that might surprise you, plus it’s great to return to the thrill of getting to be the highest bidder.


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