Staff Picks: what is you favorite article from this school year?

Mario Lorrimer, business manager

“My favorite article from Volume 29, would have to be ‘Dark thoughts and tater thoughts.’ The article was a review about the movie Venom. I chose this article because I love how serious the writer was. He covered all the areas that needed covering and said what everyone else had on their mind. I don’t think anyone else would have been able to describe that artistic masterpiece so well.”

Kelsey Bruce, arts and entertainment editor

“My favorite article from Volume 29 was one I wrote last semester that was not published until a couple months ago, ‘Sexual violence: revictimization’. I picked this one because it was the most difficult for me to write. The research was emotionally taxing, but the real strain came when I had to respond to critiques on it. In the end, I even indirectly went through the Broward government to get an interview. Through that process, I learned that there’s always other important perspectives that will help expand that reach of what I have to say and that the most difficult things are often the most worthwhile.”

Madelyn Rinka, co-editor-in-chief

“Out of everything from Volume 29, I think my favorite article was ‘One year later: Remembering Marjory Stoneman Douglas.’ What struck me while writing it is everything that has happened in the year since the tragedy. I was just getting comfortable as editor last year when the shooting occurred, and I remember everything that happened so vividly that day and weeks after. It didn’t seem like a year ago I was covering the vigil NSU held and writing a timeline of the events. I guess I’m just thankful NSU is still coming together to make sure no one forgets MSD.”

Christina McLaughlin, co-editor-in-chief

“This year I could safely say that I wrote so many great articles that it was hard to really choose which one was my favorite. I would say however, in a weird way, ‘Shark Shuttle up in Flames’ was definitely the most memorable. The news story broke on a late Friday evening, which meant that this piece was investigated entirely over the weekend to be ready for print. I enjoyed tracking down the stories and getting eyewitness accounts and really trying to get to the bottom of what happened. A lot of students were interested to find out what happened and I really liked the idea that The Current had the inside scoop and encouraged students to read my article and figure out for themselves what happened. I’ve had a lot of experiences at The Current and the on-the-fly news reporting of this event was definitely a highlight.

Kathleen Crapson, chief of visual design

“My favorite article (in terms of what I have written) would have to be my ‘Water your thoughts: I’ll have the first laugh.’ In the article, I detail my journey through adolescence to acceptance of my last name. It’s something that I feel like I needed to address as my name is printed in this paper on a weekly basis. Scrutiny and derision may be attached to my name, but at least now I can confidently say that I’ve been laughing for a much longer time.”

Emma Heineman, features editor

“My favorite article I’ve written this year is the first article I wrote after being hired. It was an athlete of the week article, and while it certainly wasn’t the most demanding article I’ve written, it was the first time I stepped out of my comfort zone to interview a student on campus. I was nervous since I had never interviewed anyone, but the interviewee was so understanding and easy to talk to. Since then, I have had the opportunity to speak with faculty and students, and my job has played a huge part in finding my place on campus.”

Alexander Martinie, opinions editor

“Since I have started working at The Current, I have written many articles on topics that I care deeply about. Whether that be politics, science or anything else that I have written about, I enjoyed writing for and working at The Current. But my absolute favorite article would have to be ‘Treat the Person, Treat the Stigma: Suicide and Mental Health Awareness at NSU’ in Issue 7. It was on a topic that is near and dear to my heart, it was the first time that I did an interview for an article and it was a great experience.”

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