Campus Resources: Don’t snooze ‘em, use ‘em

When you’re taking on anywhere between 12 and 18 hours of classes every week, it’s easy to get lost in the details of your work. Thankfully, NSU offers its students many resources that help make life a little more manageable. All you have to do is remember to use them. 


Tutoring and Testing Center 

Located in the Student Affairs Building, the Tutoring and Testing Center (TTC) is ready to help any student with their specific course needs, whether it’s trouble with invertebrate biology, neuroanatomy or differential equations. Students can take a step toward being better critical thinkers and individual learners by scheduling an appointment at TTC through the GradesFirst system. 


The TTC also heads the Supplemental Instruction (SI) program, which assigns SI leaders to particular classes. Students in those classes can attend weekly study sessions to help them better understand course materials and prep for any big exams. 


Alvin Sherman Library

While the big building in the middle of our campus is a little hard to miss, some students rarely step foot in the Alvin Sherman Library. But when there are 23 study rooms, plenty of seating, specialized databases, a range of reading and media material and even a cafe, you don’t want to be a student who doesn’t take advantage of these resources. When you want to get your group study on, book a study room or opt to grab an open table and work in the quiet atmosphere offered at the Alvin Sherman Library. Also, be sure to check up on events going on in the library like book club meetings, author readings, workshops and more.


Writing Center

You can’t escape college without writing papers, so why not dominate each one you type up. It’s as easy as making an account at and booking an appointment with a writing tutor. Some courses even have writing tutors who are trained to help with their particular curriculum. But no matter what, working through your writing with someone else always increases the quality of your paper and clarifies the message you want to get across. 


3-D printing and poster printing

If you’re a visual learner or you have a big presentation coming up, be sure to check out your printing resources. Located in Rosenthal, Room 201, Student Poster Printing Services offers services to students who need to print a poster for their academic or extracurricular activities. That means you can use them for anything ranging from advertising a club event to presenting your final project.  Meanwhile, the HPD library offers 3-D printing services to NSU students, as long as it is directly relevant to their academics. This is particularly useful if your taking an anatomy or biology class that requires you to have knowledge of any three-dimensional matter.


If you reside on campus, you might face some additional complications adjusting to college life. It’s important to remember that there’s always someone there to help you — and they might live right across the hall. Your RAs are experienced students who might have a few tips up their sleeves when it comes to dorm-living, succeeding academically and more. Don’t forget to reach out to them if you have any problems within your living space or if you just feel like having a chat with someone. 


So there you have it! While your bag of textbooks might weigh you down, nothing else has to. Remember to book those appointments, and good luck this semester.

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